Established in 1979, the program at Discovery Learning Center has always been one which values the needs and interests of the individual child. By creating an enriched learning environment that stimulates the senses and sparks curiosity, we create an atmosphere where inventiveness, creativity, and divergent thinking are truly valued! Our staff carefully prepares activities, projects, and “hands-on” areas that are designed to be thought provoking and challenging (cognitively, physically, or emotionally). The genesis for these program areas comes directly from the children’s emerging interests. Consequently, as the children evolve, so does the program.

At Discovery Learning Center we are committed to the developmental growth of our students. Our program features multi-age grouping where children are given many opportunities to make choices and problem solve in an environment filled with interesting and stimulating materials. Above all, we know that the quality of the teachers working directly with the children is crucial for the child’s overall learning experience and success in any school setting. Our teachers are educated, knowledgeable, and creative Early Childhood professionals. They constantly observe their students interests, evaluate their changing needs, and create projects based on those needs.

A child needs adults in their environment who respect their ability to create, and who provide the means for them to do so. We must be consistent in our respect for the child’s ability to make choices and to function independently. By doing so, we help to develop a creative, divergent problem-solver and a unique human being.

Commitment to Our Students…

  • To value and guide the child’s natural curiosity and joy of learning
  • To create an environment which says, “Touch – try it if you like!”
  • To revere play as the true work of children
  • To revere laughter as the music of the soul
  • To encourage creativity, imagination, and diverse thinking
  • To facilitate independent behavior and problem solving skills
  • To provide a safe loving atmosphere where positive self-esteem flourishes
  • To encourage caring, accepting, and loving interactions
  • To value cultural diversity and promote anti-bias thinking
  • To encourage memory and listening skills
  • To provide developmentally appropriate curriculum which is in larger part determined by the children’s emerging interests
  • To always be committed to the needs of the child first