“As someone who has worked with early learning programs throughout Sacramento County for years on quality improvement, I was extremely picky when choosing a quality child care and preschool program for my boys.  I had seen the good, bad and ugly of child care programs.  I looked long and hard for a preschool program that matched my philosophy of early learning and consider my family extremely lucky that we found Discovery Learning Center.   In all of my searching, I didn’t find a single program that matched DLC’s encouragement of creativity and exploration.  It means so much to me that my children are in an environment that celebrates their uniqueness and desire to learn about the world around them.  Each day I am excited to hear about their day and the experiences they had.  The staff is exceptional and the program as a whole can’t be beat.  I enthusiastically recommend DLC to everyone I know.  It has been a treat to be a part of such a fantastic environment for children and families.”

 – Emma B.

“I never liked the idea of leaving my little one at school all day, but DLC feels like home.  The teachers are never harsh with the children; they respect the children, they listen to them, and I know that my little girl feels safe and special in such a caring environment.  She loves going to school everyday and I love the community that we are now a part of.  From parties to play-dates to camping trips; all the teachers, parents, and children are like family to us.  We are blessed to be a part of DLC.”  

– Katie M.

“The program that DLC offers to children can’t be found elsewhere- it is absolutely AWESOME! It is truly a developmental preschool in which kids learn about their world around them through hands-on exploration. They get down-and-dirty, having fun every moment of the day. I have two young daughters who attend DLC’s preschool program. Every morning, they wake-up ready to go and can’t wait to get there. When I pick them up at the end of the day and I ask them what they did they always reply, “Played and played all day.” But later in the evening I hear conversations such as, “I am choosing to color all of my sea creatures blue so that they are camouflaged with the water so that their predators can’t find them.” I smile when I hear these conversations because I know how important experiences, prior knowledge, and language development is for much later lessons in reading and writing.

The backbone of the school- the teachers- are creative, educated, loving, and FUN. They support every child through each of their individual developmental stages. They allow the children to be the unique individuals that they are while fostering independence, confidence, self-expression, and cooperation. They run an inquiry-based program, letting the kids’ curiosity and interests guide their dynamic, project-based curriculum. DLC has become like family to us. I can’t say enough about it.”

-Kristin J.